Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New to my Etsy Shop!

Hello everyone!

Long time no see. I know. Life gets busy and it's hard to sit down and actually write about the things I'm working on BUT today I'm updating to show you all a few new items I've added to my Etsy shop. Two of these booties were actually part of a custom order but they turned out so darling that I decided to list them in case anyone else was interested!

First up are the custom mascot/logo booties! This pair was made for the Red Sox and what great timing with them in the World Series! If you didn't already know I'm actually a Red Sox fan myself but I've been really bad about watching the games lately ;) #stillafan

And with that same listing I showed a few more pictures of other custom pairs that I've done as examples. Fun fact about these Notre Dame booties is that the gold thread I used (which is beautiful but a pain in the butt to use!) is actually from my great grandmother!

Sorry for the out of focus iPhone picture but I had to share these too because they're some of my all time favs because they're for Sacred Heart!

The next listing is for these koala booties. They actually are going out to Australia but they are so stinking cute they'd be great for any baby here too.

And the last new bootie design is for...monsters! Apparently monster fashion is a thing...who knew? And Fendi is up this is trend too with a bag starting at just $4,450. Christmas presents anyone ;) 
All jokes aside I really do love this pair of booties. They're definitely non-traditional and would be so fun for a boy (yay boy items!!!) or an awesome baby girl :)

The last new item in the store is a self-inking custom stamp. I've been having so much fun with making my labels pretty when I ship things out that I figured I should probably make a listing for them. They're perfect for a wedding or Christmas present :)

This sample stamp is heading over to my sister and JJ soon...for JJ's birthday present. I'm sure he's going to be thrilled ;) and I'm sorry for spoiling the surprise! #marriedlifepresents

So there you have it! What do you think? 

I'm thinking maybe I should improve my writing skills...perhaps less smilie faces and hashtags? Hmmm  maybe not :)