Friday, May 10, 2013

Anthropologie Drawer Knock Off Tutorial

So I need to start off this post by saying that this is purely theoretically. I get these "great" ideas but the sad part is, I don't have my own house yet so I don't need any new furniture! The end result is a picture I made in Photoshop but I wanted to make this tutorial in case anyone was in the need for a set of drawers.

The "Real Thing" is from Anthropologie here.

And without further is the picture tutorial!

What you need is:
-Stencils (or make your own!)
-Black Paint (you can buy a Behr paint sample)
-Fine Grit Sandpaper

Budget Breakdown:
Chest - $34.99
Stain - $4.78
Drawer Pulls (3 @ $4.78) - $14.34
Paint Sample - $2.94
Sandpaper - $4.97

TOTAL: $61.02

Not too bad, right?


P.S.  A little birdie told me that someone might be coming back to the blog with a post soon. Exciting right??

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Relaunching Bibity Bobity Boo

Hello everyone! As many of you all know, I started Bibity Bobity Boo a few years ago selling baby booties. Well, when I went to Italy last summer, I put my shop on "Vacation Mode" and with all the craziness of the past year in school I haven't gotten it set back up.

But...I've got it all set back up now and it's ready to go!

I have all the old styles...

And a few new ones. These are in the "Pumped Up Kicks" collection. They are a lower cost option without losing any style! They feature bright and bold patterns. Each style is only available in a limited number of booties so styles will circulate through periodically.

And the "Mismatched" collection! They feature bright and bold patterns "mismatched" together. The outside of each bootie is quilting cotton and the inside is the softest polar fleece. Each style is a unique look!

As always, the booties come in a takeout box for easy gifting...

...but I've updated the logo a bit more!

And the new big addition that I'm SO excited about are custom name art paintings.

Which are fun for both nursery and kid's rooms AND for college and sorority themes!

So head on over and check it out:

And for the next week, 

take 15% off everything in the store using the code:
(expires May 12!)

Thanks so much for everyone's support and I hope to see you over in the shop :)

And as a is a behind the scenes peek at the photo shoot I did for the new baby booties!

We are lucky enough that our back yard backs up to the golf course so we get to enjoy this gorgeous view!