Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Recent Baby Gifts's baby making season! Not officially or anything but people are having them so I've been able to make some gifts!

The first two were for some University of Louisville fans. I used Super Soft Transfer Paper to put the cardinal logo on the onesie and the L1C4 on the back of the pants. The transfer becomes a part of the fabric and "sinks in" so they it doesn't have that plastic-y look (I'm not entirely clear on the L1C4 thing since I'm a Kentucky fan but my understanding is it means "Louisville First, Cards Forever". If any fans would care to elaborate, please feel free!)

Anyway, the pants are Rae's Big Butt Pants pattern (which I love!). I also made some cardinal baby booties to finish out the outfit. 

For one of the showers, I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the baby's monogram and put it on a galvanized bucket I found at Hobby Lobby! I love the's cute without being too cutesy! You know I have the compulsive need to monogram everything so this made me extremely happy :)

The last present was for my friend's band. (It's Cover Me Badd…if you're in Louisville, go check them out. They're fantastic!) Some band mates had babies so what would be a more fitting gift than onesies with their band logo on them! :)

I wound up doing the logo on a patch because the transfer paper only works on light colored fabric but I feel like the patch looks kind of rocker-ish (not that I know what looks rocker-ish from experience but that just what I thought ;) )

Love you all! And if anyone has a custom baby request - let me know.