Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Day in the Life

Let's just be clear for a minute...I don't have any illusions that my life is super interesting. But I do think it's fun to see what people do every day so here is a day in my life through pictures!

Finally getting to wear my rain boots!

Management class

Residential studio lecture

Residential studio

New TigerCard

Lunch at Chipotle

Just kidding about the rain. 
It was just hot, as usual.

Gathering supplies for a "cheaters" quilt

Starting a drawing for class

Catching up on Grimm and still drawing...

Finished drawing

Pinning before quilting

Margarita Monday's

Reunited with my Italian family

Finishing up the quilt

One day I will unpack...

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Lilly.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

And so it begins...

It all started this summer in Italy...

Like most kids studying abroad, the majority of the people on my trip were trying to keep a journal or a blog. But I didn't want to. Why? Because I don't like rereading things I've written. Or at least I didn't used to. 

I wrote a lot in high school for my IB program but it was always formal writing, and never creative writing. It always just seemed hard to put yourself out there and really write down what you were actually thinking. 

But back to Italy...after a few weeks I realized that I had all these funny stories about things that were happening on the trip and I didn't want to forget them so I decided to try journaling...but Katie style. 

My journal entries became a combination of writing, doodling, and scrap booking with old tickets and mementos. And it turns out...I really enjoyed writing. A few of my friends read over what I had written and apparently I write exactly how I talk so you have been warned now...please excuse all of the 'like's, 'awkward's, and 'sketcky's because they are staple words in my vocabulary.

(Yes...we did go out with a bachelor party in Spain. Made for an interesting night!)

Also, I've always been a crafty person. I'm an interior design major and two and a half years ago I started my own small business, Bibity Bobity Boo, selling baby booties. My life is always a string of art projects. 

While I was on the trip, one of the girls (there were 20 of us!) asked why I didn't start my own craft blog...I said I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with it. I actually read TONS of blogs myself and I love seeing other people's creativity. I believe that every person in creative in their own way and it's amazing to see what people can do. My family is particularly creative, I think. My great grandmother oil painted. My mom's mom is an incredible seamstress (she's the one who taught me!) and cook. My dad's mom is always doing something too whether it's making specialized Christmas trees or painting us buckets for a gift. You get the gist. 

One thing that I've really loved seeing recently is my sister Abigail's creativity. She is definitely creative in the traditional sense but I always wind up being pegged as the "artistic" one. Abs took photography in high school and is incredible at it. (please see example below...yeah, enough said) I don't know if it's the sorority thing or what but she's been doing more crafty projects and paintings as of recently and I love it!

So for a while after the blog idea came up, I thought about it. Then I had an idea...

Not quite a yes but I could work with that (if you were wondering the conversation was through Viber because this was on the tail end of my Italy trip). So fast forward a few weeks and I came home and kept on with the blogging idea and eventually "I don't know..." turned into:

Yup. Totally on board. Point one for team Katie ;)

So here we are now...our very own blog. The original idea was crafts but it might just be a bunch of us talking away. Who knows if anyone will even read this. I always wonder if our generation will have a false sense of self importance because of social media. I mean think about it...we put our thoughts and opinions out there constantly on Facebook and Twitter thinking people care about every detail of our lives. But I guess on the flip side, if no one cared Facebook wouldn't be as big as it is now. Oh well :)

So if you are still reading this, please enjoy our blog! Who knows where it will go but we are on the train to crazy if you care to join!

P.S. Here's how the name picking for the blog went!