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Hey! Thanks for joining us on the lane!

Crocus Lane is blog run by two sisters, Katie and Abigail. We usually live 253 miles apart at college but right now were even further as Abigail is in Spain! We're two years apart and although we have completely different coloring we think you can definitely tell were sisters (mainly because we have the same face!!) It's always a good time when we can be together...and mainly this happens at our home, on Crocus Lane!

Meet each of us...
(pssst...we wrote each others bios, so enjoy!)

Abigail is a Spanish major at Furman University in South Carolina. Photography was her art "starting point" but she has moved into the (but not limited to) painting, drawing, glittering, baking, and Pinterest crafting realms. Abigail (or 'Abs' as most of our family calls her...or 'Abigill' as I've been calling her) has a great faith and lets her love show through not only her words and actions but here art as well. She's the more outgoing, adventurous, and athletic of the two of us. She never meets a stranger and cares so much about helping other people. Abs loves traveling and has been lucky enough to go so many places! She's in Spain this semester so she'll give a great international insight to our blog. 

This is my beautiful sister, Katie! Since she started at Auburn, the South has slowly, definitely gotten the best of her. Rocking her cowboy boots around Alabama, you may think she is a stereotypical Southern belle, but let me tell you, my friends, she is a bombshell. Katie is independent, yet a social butterfly. She's a peaceful minion on her sewing machine, yet a wild football fan. This blog was one of Katie's exciting, new ideas and her naturally creative touch will and has made it what it is!

P.S. If you were wondering we have a brother too...Michael! And a dog, Tucker, that our parents may or may not consider a fourth child...

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  1. Hi! would yall ever sell a customized cooler? How long would it take to make/ship? Thanks! gebethell@crimson.ua.edu