Friday, May 10, 2013

Anthropologie Drawer Knock Off Tutorial

So I need to start off this post by saying that this is purely theoretically. I get these "great" ideas but the sad part is, I don't have my own house yet so I don't need any new furniture! The end result is a picture I made in Photoshop but I wanted to make this tutorial in case anyone was in the need for a set of drawers.

The "Real Thing" is from Anthropologie here.

And without further is the picture tutorial!

What you need is:
-Stencils (or make your own!)
-Black Paint (you can buy a Behr paint sample)
-Fine Grit Sandpaper

Budget Breakdown:
Chest - $34.99
Stain - $4.78
Drawer Pulls (3 @ $4.78) - $14.34
Paint Sample - $2.94
Sandpaper - $4.97

TOTAL: $61.02

Not too bad, right?


P.S.  A little birdie told me that someone might be coming back to the blog with a post soon. Exciting right??

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