Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome Ya'll Mason Jar Door Hanger Tutorial

Remember how I said I was jumping around? Well this project we worked on over Thanksgiving and I used it as my Yankee Swap present when I got back to school. (also…I'm sorry in advance for the lack of pictures on steps so bear with me as I try to verbally explain :) )

I had pinned this "Welcome Y'all!" mason jar door hanger forever ago and finally got around to making it. 

I made the basic layout in Illustrator. One of my tricks for printing things larger is to print it on multiple pages then tape it together. I already did it for this project so you can download it here! When you print it out choose "do not scale" or "actual size" for your printing option. 

After you print the pages, cut one along the lines and tape it to the adjoining page so the triangles meet. Here's what the full layout should look like.

Next, flip it over and on the back color over the lines (on the back of the piece of paper). This works so that when you put it down on your board and trace over the original lines on the front of the paper, the part that you colored on the back will transfer to the board and leave you a guide to cut from. (Sorry I don't have any pictures of this step but if you need a visual guide look at this here)

Use a jig saw to cut it out of the wood. For the really sharp curves, we used a drill first to make the curves then the jig saw after. And if you cut like me, you'll get a really great flag piece as well from around the mason jar shape :)

Next, I sanded the whole thing down with my palm sander. I used a Behr paint sample from Home Depot to pant it (the sample size was more than enough for the two coats). I repeated the process above to trace the details onto the board once the base coat was dry then painted those on using just craft paint.

Once the whole thing was dry, I drilled the holes in the top for the string then sealed the whole thing with two coats of polycrylic. 

The last step is to put the string though the holes and tie it. I made a bow with burlap wire ribbon to add as a finishing touch.

Now, hang it on your front door and admire your hard work! :)


  1. Oh I love this! So unique!! Do you mind giving me a supply list? I am unsure what type of wood/ what thickness to use on my attempt at a christmas door hanger! Thank you, and keep posting! Love it!

  2. Thank you so much for this!
    Wish I knew how to do this with other patterns that I have!
    Thank you

  3. Thank you all so much. Ben looking for template to make me a door hanger like this.

  4. Thanks for the great pattern! I'm gonna use it to make a burlap door hanger!