Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello friends! 

     This past weekend we had a beautiful trip to Galicia, the northern part of Spain. It's normally very rainy here but we were very blessed because we did not see a single rain drop until we were getting on the bus to come home! I wish I could even attempt to recount the trip, but it was so phenomenal that my words cannot do it justice. This was a Furman planned trip (thanks tuition!!!) so we didn't have to pay and we all got to travel together. Our bonding began on the 6 hour bus ride while we sang karaoke and decided to make our own music video throughout the whole semester. We wanted a song that we'd all enjoy so we naturally chose Oops, I did it again. Brook is absolutely in love and obsessed with everything Britany, so she gave us inspiration! I'm in charge of directing, filming, and making the video and im so excited to do it!!

Ok, now back to the Galicia trip.. 
When we got to galicia, our first two nights were spent in La Caruña. It's a beautiful city surrounded by the ocean and a river. Like every night in Galicia, we all sat down to a dinner together in the hotel that usually seafood and delicious wine. Galicia is known for both of those, especially their octopus(pulpo) and white wine. After our first of four beautiful dinners, we all went to the beach at night!

     Every place we went was prettier than the next! We got to travel around and explore la Caruña and go into ancient cathedrals. Friday night was our last night in A Caruña and we all hung out in Camerons and my amazing corner room and Mario, Dr. massei's husband even came with us!! I cannot get over how diverse and fun my group is! Another blessing from the Galicia trip was two of the days we didn't have to be ready until 12 so God was so gracious and faithful by giving me a whole morning to spend time with him! I was and am so excited and thankful for it. 

    Saturday was Definitey one of my favorite days because we went to Santiago! Santiago is one of the three holiest cities in the world and is home of the cathedral de Santiago, which is the the final destination of the
Camino de Santiago. This is the pilgrimage that begins in France and ends in Santiago. I think I would absolutely love to make this pilgrimage and am thinking about doing after graduation. I actually kind of already have my heart already set on it!! During Saturday, we also went to some of the prettiest places I've ever seen. Like I said, it usually rains in Galicia but we had perfectly blue skys that made for amazing views.

      Saturday night Rachel, Elise, Sarah, and I went to downtown Santiago and got to experience their nightlife! Rachel and I got lost their during the day, and we didn't do much better at night, but that's half the fun! Right across from the cathedral, we found a Spanish band playing where we danced and celebrated with people who had just finished their
Camino de Santiago. Rachel told me that Santiago is know for their stars so of course we laid down in the middle of the plaza to see the stars and the cathedral at night! After that, we decided to go meet some locals and everyone just goes out and plays, celebrates, and dances in the street. Spanish culture is so free and fun!

     We experienced this aspect of the culture on Sunday when we first went to a beautiful beach that reminded me of Massachusetts but then on an cruise to try fresh seafood and wine! Like I said, we did a lot of bonding on this trip, but this was easily everyone's favorite day together. The cruise we pretty chill but became super fun! We saw dolphins the whole cruise, tried mussels (EW), drank white Galician wine, and had a dance party on the top of the boat! Such a good time!

     After the cruise, we went on a mini train ride around the city to learn more. For lunch everyday, Furman gave us 15€ that we could spend. It was super nice because we didn't have to try to save money but could totally feast. 

     After a couple other smaller stops to see beautiful views, we stay for a bit in this  tiny, old city near the river. This is a unique river because it's where the river and ocean meet so the water is actually salty. We decided to be spontaneous so Elizabeth, Katie, Cameron, and I decided to jump into the water! The water was numbing at first but then felt great. We may or may not have made a scene and had old Spanish men call us loco but it was definitely one of  my favorite moments of the trip.

The whole trip to Galicia was fantastic and much needed. We had an exam last week and I also have to get up at 6:30 everyday to make it to class on time, so it was a nice time to play and change the pace. I can't believe how fast time is passing here but I'm so thankful to be in Spain living on my own and exploring this beautiful world. 


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