Monday, September 10, 2012

Take a minute...and let it go.

I knew starting this week that today and tomorrow would be stressful. I had a Management test this morning and an Accounting test tomorrow morning. So often, my business classes get put on the back burner in favor of my studio is my major after all. However, this means some major cramming to prepare at the last minute.

I have a tendency to get stressed out easily so it's something that I try to be very conscious of because I know I'm a lot happier and healthier when my stress levels are low. I know it might sound crazy but when I know I need to be super productive, I get dressed up (my teacher told me that apparently there have been studies done that back this up, so it must be true right?). So this morning I decided to wear my new Lilly Pulitzer shirt because I needed all the positive energy I could get to work through the day. And guess what? I did have a great morning. For my residential studio, we had a field trip to a construction site and on the way, we stopped to get homemade popsicles from the Overall Company in Opelika (if you haven't been before you have to go!). Then I had a great time on the construction site and was lucky to be able to spend some really good quality time with my friends after at lunch. It's the little things that make life so great.

Then I started in on Accounting. It was going great...and then all the sudden I was lost. I got a little tutoring help but when I left, I was still stressed about it. And the more I thought about it, the more stressed I got. I was driving back to the studio and when I parked, I started thinking about how great my morning was. Wasn't I much happier then? Why was I wasting all this negative energy being stressed out? So I let it go.

I don't know what everybody else does, but I've found if I make a conscious effort I can change my mood. So I took a moment for myself. I turned on "Brand New Day" by Joshua Radin, closed my eyes, and just thought about nothing but my breathing. Then I let it go. And that's it. 

When I feel really overwhelmed, it's nice to just remember that things are going to work out. Things always work out. And no amount of stressing is going to help. I just think about the things I can do or change and just let the rest go because there's nothing else I can do. I also try to remember all the good things in my life, because every single time they outweigh the bad 1000 to 1. I am so lucky. There's not a single day that goes by when that thought doesn't run through my head. I have to be the luckiest girl in the world.  When you really stop to think about it, we are all so blessed. It's all about shifting your perspective. Everyone has stress in their life but why are we taking to time to focus on these small things when there are so many good things we're taking for granted? 

P.S. I'm working on a longer post about my "Choose Joy" mentality, and this all ties in but I'm not quite finished with it yet. 

P.P.S Also I've turned in my first two studio projects so I'm sure they'll be up here's a little teaser though!

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