Monday, September 3, 2012

Estoy en Espana!


     So here goes my first crocus lane blog post (Katie’s and my super sweet shared sisters blog!)! I am currently in my apartment in Madrid and I will be in this lovely city for the next 87 days.. but who is counting?! It has been a huge adjustment but I’m starting to really, really like it here! The fabulous Cameron Simon lives with me in our 5th floor apartment that belongs to our Senor, Rosa. I am so thankful that we are living together as I cannot imagine being here alone. Also, Cameron is a vegetarian too, and living in a meat loving society like Spain, its way easier for Rosa to cook for us both being vegetarians.

Spain’s whole eating schedule is really different than the US’s, and that’s been one huge adjustment for me. Breakfast, aka my favorite meal of the day, is nonexistent. Dang it. Most Spaniards take a cup of coffee or tea and go, and so far that has not been enough to satisfy my seemly endless pit of a stomach. Lunch is at about 3 and dinner is at 10 so my struggle is that I feel like I don’t get enough food to feel normal during the rest of that time. Although I brought some special K protein bars, I believe a trip to the supermarket is in store! Apart from the food, I’m really like the culture and learning a lot of Spanish already. One of Rosa’s favorite words is traquilla, which means calm or relax—definitely an area that Spain focuses on! I hope that I’ll be able to learn to adopt this mindset and hopefully bring it back to Furman and the Scheid house.

Overall, the culture is just fabulous and I can’t help to think about how each of these people are complete strangers to be that speak and totally different dialect, yet function normally in their own lives. It would seem by chance that they were born in Spain and thus adopted this culture as their own, just like we have in the United States. Even as I am listening from my window to a father talking to his sons, I am learning quickly that we are all in a huge part what we learn from our culture. The beautiful part of that is that our sovereign God has specifically chosen where we will be born and unto which family.

“which he will display at the proper time—he who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords”  -1 Timothy 6:15

        Jesus knows me and the small details about my life in Louisville, Greenville and Madrid, but He also know and cares about these details for every single person in Madrid. Although they may seem like random strangers that are products of their culture, each and every soul is a beautiful masterpiece that reflects Jesus’ endlessly creative mind and His unwavering love and grace for each of His people.

Praising our Lord that He is the one and only controller of all the details in each of our lives no matter the circumstance or place. 

Besitos para todos!!

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