Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some Bloggy Love!

First off, we just want to say THANK YOU for everyone that has been so supportive of our blog. It's fun that everyone is loving this as much as we are.

We just put some new buttons on here and changed how the comments work so this is going to be a quick post to show you what's going on!

So to start off...comments. We'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you're thinking with a quick comment!

At the bottom of our posts you can click to comment. You either click on "No comments" or "1 comment" or whatever it says based on how many comments we have.

You can change the drop down box options and select Name/URL and enter your name and comment and then just publish it! 

Next up...following us. If you have a Gmail, Yahoo, or Blogger account (there might be more choices but I'm not sure), you can follow us. Just click on the Followers link on our right sidebar!

And finally, if you REALLY want to be in the know about whenever we post you can follow us by e-mail! With this you'll get an e-mail about any new posts. The button is on the right sidebar as well.

Yay! So go on and leave us some bloggy love because WE LOVE YOU TOO :)


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