Friday, September 14, 2012

Stay Awake!

I have a daily devotional book that I read every day and sometimes it surprises me how spot on the reflections can be. I thought I'd share this one because it was exactly what I was thinking the other day.

Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come. 
-Matthew 24:42

"Some think these words apply only to our final moments, when God comes to lead us into the joy of resurrected life.

Well, we certainly want to be prepared for that.

But there are so many other times when God comes to us as he reveals his love throughout our daily lives.

An unexpected call from a cherished friend,

the experience of God's presence in our hearts,

the sound of beautiful music:

All these gifts reveal God's love for us.

We can make our own list, of course, but the point is the same: 

to be awake to the ways in which God comes to us every day.

Life is flush with many gifts, but we'll miss them if we're asleep to what life offers.

And so Jesus tells us to stay awake. If we miss the gifts, we miss the loving presence of the God who gives them."

-Fr. Kenneth E. Grabner, C.S.C.

P.S. All of the pictures are from a trip to the lake with the Morgans this summer for the short bit when Abigail and I were both home!

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